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About SWIFTsoft

When IBM & Microsoft launched the first Personal Computer in 1981, the world did not realise the revolution that was about to take place. Previously computers were the domain of big businesses with large dedicated technical staff, but now everyone could benefit from the new computer age.

Meanwhile in a small town in Fermanagh a businessman, Mr Robert Darragh, was putting the first computers to work in his hardware supplies business. My Father noted the interest I was showing in computers and when his computer supplier suddenly closed, he took the decision to start a new computer business; SWIFTsoft Computer Systems was born in 1984.

In the early years SWIFTsoft helped the local business community adopt the new technology. We developed an accounts software package which reduced the time spent on paperwork and produced fast and accurate accounts information.

As our customer base expanded so did our requirements for office space, so in 1990 we moved to new 5000 sq. ft. custom built office. We embarked on a further development program and produced our first point of sale equipment and software. This greatly reduced the time spent on administration and provided the customer with a fast and efficient shopping experience.

Internet access became an increasing requirement for our customers, but we found the established providers were inflexible and slow to implement changes. So in 1998 we launched our own Internet company called SWIFTsoft.net. This gave us the ability to support our customer's Internet problems and provide Internet solutions on a custom basis.

In the years that followed SWIFTsoft has grown to become a leading supplier of computer hardware, software, support, maintenance, training and Internet services. By employing our own sales staff, programmers, support engineers and service engineers we aspire to be the one-stop-shop for all your computer requirements.

In recent years we have risen to many challenges, here are a few.

Soon we shall be ISO 9000 certified, the International quality assurance standard, with the Euro transition successfully completed our Accounts software development program is moving into high gear again (watch out for news over the months to come).

I would like to thank our staff for their dedication and our customers for their loyalty over the years that have past and look forward to many more.

Keith Darragh
Managing Director
SWIFTsoft Computer Systems