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News - The European single currency successfully launched

On the 1st January 2002 as Europe took a historic step toward closer unity, SWIFTsoft's support team was hard at work. For the last year we have been working to ensure our customers would have a smooth transition to the new currency. Now one of our support engineers tells the behind the scenes story of The Euro.

Stage 1

The first stage was printing Euro amounts at the bottom of customer invoices & statements. We requested samples of invoice paper and statements from our customers, as our system can be modified to the user's requirements. We had to make sure that the Euro amounts didn't overlap in anyway with the pre-printed paper. This all ran quite smoothly as customers returned their samples within acceptable time constraints and updates were done accordingly. These updates were processed mostly via modem updates, but we did provide diskettes to customers without modems.

Stage 2

The second stage of this operation was more intense, as most of our customers required the Euro update between the 29th Dec 2001 and the 1st Jan 2002. It meant that SWIFTsoft staff had to work around the clock to facilitate our large customer base. This process lasted much longer than the first stage, as it required updating data records to allow fields to hold information on Euro amounts. This meant going through customer data files and updating every line of every invoice etc, which was a lengthy process. This took anything from 1 to 4 hours at a time and for larger systems the SWIFTsoft staff worked through the night to shorten the length of down time, for the customer.

So what can the Euro Package do?

We are glad to say that all the feedback we have received has been positive. Customers are now operating in Euros, with the Punt soon to be history.

John Morrow
Support Co-ordinator

1st January 2002