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Urgent Reminder

Changes to the BACS system are being applied at the end of 2005. 

That may seem a long way off, but please do not look at this issue as something which can be put off until tomorrow, as on the run up to the change over the banks will be inundated with users wanting to migrate from their old system to the new IP technology. This may well contribute to long lead times.

 The change will affect all users who have to not yet upgraded to an IP product, and initial reports would indicate that those who leave the change over to late may miss out on the dead-line.

 To aid in this process SWIFTsoft have put together a package which will guide the user through the various steps required to make the changeover as smooth as possible

 Why upgrade?

‘Because the old system will be defunct from the end of the year’ may be true, but in reality the changes do benefit the user in many ways. Due to continual progress in the IT field it has now become more feasible to provide a better service using technology gleaned from internet development. This new style of delivering your online BACS information will make the process:





To aid in the process of change we have provided an upgrade path to follow. We have secured an agreement with a company called ‘Mosaic Software Ltd’ who after much investigation, we feel provide the best product. They have shown a very professional attitude not only with the quality of their software, but also on a face to face level.  Through this partnership we will tie in very closely to ensure that our customers have a seamless progression from their current software to the new BACScomIP software.


Anticipated Schedule


  1. Be aware that this process needs to be commenced sooner rather than later.


  1. A form should have been provided for you from your bank. If you have not received one yet then please contact your bank and request the relevant paperwork. Please fill in this form and return to your bank.

N.B. Items which may need to entered onto the form:

    1. There may be a section asking which BACS software you will be using. The name of the package is BACSCOM-IP.
    1. The name of the company providing this software is Mosaic Software Ltd.
    1. The form will ask how many ‘smart cards’ you require. This is an item which only the bank can provide, and is dependant on how many users you wish to be able to access the BACS software. We would recommend that you nominate at least 2 Primary Security contacts, to ensure cover for holidays, illness etc.
    1. The form may ask how many ‘card readers’ you require (if any). We can provide these, but depending on your bank, it may be cheaper to get this product from them. The reason for this is that some banks have as an incentive, offered the card readers either free of charge, or at a highly reduced price.  If your bank hasn’t adopted this approach then it may be an alternative to get the ‘readers’ from ourselves.

N.B. Whatever your decision, we would advise that you purchase at least one extra ‘reader’, as in the case of a malfunction of the reader there may be no way to post your BACS transactions without a backup unit. Please bear this in mind.

  1. On completing the form for the bank, it is a matter of waiting until they process your details and get back to you with a smart card(s) and card reader(s). At this stage you can contact SWIFTsoft Computer Systems and we will provide an engineer to install the card and do the preliminary checks.

N.B. If you have decided to get the ‘card readers’ from SWIFTsoft please let us know in advance, when you fill out the bank form, so we can order these and have them in stock ready for installation.

Also use this time to make sure your facilities are up to date:

·         Internet connection required (broadband recommended) or other suitable connection method

·         e-mail address required

·         Pentium PIII 600 or higher

·         Minimum 50mb of free hard disk space

·         Modem or network card and router to access internet.

·         Com port (usb option available at extra cost)


  1. As soon as the preliminary checks are completed and the cards have been verified by the bank, we will arrange for trained engineers to come to your offices, install the software, confirm the link to BACS, AND train on how to use the software.

N.B. Each of your security contacts (there may be more than one if you have requested more than one smart card), will need to be on site and available for testing and training. They will each need access to their smart card(s), PIN number(s), and suitable card reader(s)


 If you require this service please print out the order form found here, complete and return to

SWIFTsoft Computer Systems

Ferney Business Park


Co Fermanagh

N. Ireland

BT94 2HH

or Fax:    028 6638 8709

or alternatively use the contact details to speak to one of our dedicated staff.


Both hardware and software support is provided by our service engineers. They have received training on the maintenance of the Bizerba products.

More information

To discuss your requirements in more detail and a free demonstration, please contact sales.