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Products - Internet

SWIFTsoft has been at the forefront of Internet technology since before the World Wide Web was created. In 1998 we launched our own Internet Company SWIFTsoft.net, to better serve the needs of our customers.

Unlike the Internet 'experts' we understood the important role the Internet would play in business. Publishing a website was not going to bring instant riches, but the Internet did become the greatest communication and cost saving tool the world has ever seen.

Businesses up and down the country are now exploiting Internet Email for high speed transfer of messages and files. Most banks now offer Internet banking and many suppliers accept orders via the Internet, some even give extra discount for ordering online.

Services available


As with all our services, the installation, support and management is the key to a successful Internet solution. Our expertise in setting up an Internet Company gives us the edge in a market where quality of service is everything.

Web site design

If you require web site design and consultancy, contact VBS for a complete professional service.

More information

To discuss your Internet requirements in more detail, please call our sales department on (028) 6638 8833 or email sales@swiftsoft.net