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Products - Training

Buying new technology is one thing; using new technology is an entirely different thing. At SWIFTsoft we are never satisfied selling a product, unless the customer knows how to use it.

Most of the training we provide is at the customer's site. This minimises costs and disruption, while using the trainee's equipment and familiar office environment, ensuring the maximum benefit is achieved.

Training is usually provided when the computer system is first installed, but can also be beneficial when new staff are employed or during year end procedures etc. We provide training for Microsoft Windows, Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, FrontPage and Publisher), SWIFTsoft Accounts and other packages on request.

More information

To discuss your training requirements in more detail, please call our sales department on (028) 6638 8833 or email sales

Training @ SWIFTsoft?

Training is also core to the development of our own technical staff. As computer systems increase in scope and complexity, so does the task of installing, configuring and supporting these systems. We currently have two technical staff who have been certified by Microsoft as 'Microsoft Certified Professionals', before the end of this year all technical staff will have this important qualification. As new products are released our technical staff updates their skills and are tested again. Learning truly is for life at SWIFTsoft.